Friday, January 19, 2024

Koffee with Orry

I don't watch Karan Johar, in fact he puts me off.

But I happened to watch the latest episode, the first half of which features Orry, since the wife, who is a Koffee fan ( don't ask me why, I think it is a form of escapism, anything serves to escape from the rest of the family), was watching it. 

Now you don't know who Orry is? Poor poor you. You are  an antediluvian junk piece who has lost their relevance in this world. 

Orry is the thing. He is the goods. Everyone talks about Orry. He is everywhere. Since he is everywhere, everyone talks about him, and vice versa. What exactly did he do to achieve fame? I already told you just now! 

That twenty minute Karan interview of Orrie is one of the best I have seen. You can't make out whether he is misguided, delusional, or just  off his rocker. Then you realise that it is the others who are misguided, delusional and off their rockers and he is merely taking advantage of it. And he makes no bones about it. 

After watching the twenty minutes, you don't know whether to pity Orrie, pity the rest of the world, or both. 

Watch it, it's worth it 

The balance part of the episode features four well known comedians who are supposed to be roasting Karan. Very cringey, avoidable.

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