Friday, January 19, 2024

On "preventive" medical check ups


How do you make a healthy person sick? 

Start with "evidence based" medicine. Define a 100 parameters, each of which has a normal range, and each of which has, say, five percent outliers. Outliers are defined as "sick" people.

If you have a 100 parameters, in each of which 5 percent of the population will be held to be "sick", what is the probability that you will be sick if a hundred such parameters are measured? 

Get 100 perfectly healthy people into a free health check up camp. There is a one hundred percent probability that more than ninety percent of them will be declared sick. 

The health check ups are the front desk marketing people for the Pharma lobby.

You will be "advised" to take medication based on the contents of your reports. 

The medicines will make you sick, both physically and mentally. Physically, since they are poisons being shoved into your system, and mentally, since you become dependent on medications to even feel healthy. 

Slowly, you get addicted to the medicines. 

And then your real problems start. 

More problems, more tests, more medicines, more sickness. More bakras ( sacrificial goats) for the medical system. 

And of course the prognosis is always dire. If you don't take the medicines you will get BP, diabetes, ulcers, cancer... You who are now completely brainwashed, take more medicines.

And surprise surprise, it all turns out true! You do get sicker. 

But what you don't realise is that the  the reason why you get sicker is the medicines themselves. 

Preventive medical check-ups are a way to keep the hospital and Pharma assembly lines continuously fed with patients. 

I have followed a simple rule in life ( among the many simple rules I follow, this is an important one). 

Never go for preventive medical check-ups.

Never, ever.

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